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Initial Consultation: After contacting me for an appointment, I will come to your home for an initial consultation.There we will discuss what type of service best suits your needs. I will listen and learn about your goals, what's working or not in your space, which items we can re-use or re-purpose, which items may need purchased, and we'll discuss a budget. From there you can determine your desire to move forward, either on your own, or with additional services from my team. Essentially, we will evaluate the "next steps".

$125-one hour consultation, $50 additional 1/2 hour


Color Consultation:  Are you ready to add a new paint color to your space? Whether it be one room or multiple, I have seen MANY times over the powerful change created by a new paint color.  I have been trained and certified as a Color Consultant, and have a complete set of Sherwin-Williams paint colors to bring to your home. If you have made costly mistakes with paint selections in the past, you know how frustrating it can be. Let me show you how the correct choice of paint can be an amazing decorating tool!

$150-one hour consultation, $50 additional 1/2 hour, to include large sized color samples for you to keep.


Interior Decorating: Generally this is achieved using a combination of things you may already own but with the addition of new items as well, which may include furniture, rugs, artwork, lighting, window treatments, and other decorative accents. Naturally every person is at a different place at the beginning of a project and that is why the Initial Consultation is so very important. Once all the items are in and ready to go, we will return to your home for "decorating day" to arrange furnishings, install artwork or groupings, accessorize, and put all the beautiful "final touches" in your space to complete the new look.

Starting at $400 per room, depending on the size and scope of the project, to be determined at the Initial Consultation


Personal Shopping: I do A LOT of shopping for my clients! In between the time of our Initial Consultation and my return to your home for hands-on decorating, I may have acquired a lot of new home decor items or just a few, depending upon our discussion at the Initial Consultation. I know where to go for what, I hand-select items I believe are perfect for you AND your room, I stay within your determined budget, and I pass on my decorator discounts where possible. Shopping for home decor items can be time-consuming, confusing and overwhelming. Relax, and let me do it!

$85 per hour, a time range will be estimated depending on number of items


Interior Redesign: Often a client will already have the things necessary to create a beautiful home, but need help "putting it all together" in the most pleasing way possible. It takes a trained eye to see your things in a new light, to determine the best possible furniture arrangement, and the most creative and attractive way to arrange and display the things that are important to you and your family.  If possible, we ask that you are not at home when this service is being provided so that we may work more quickly and efficiently and to provide a "surprise" element. You will be delighted when you return home to see the results of your "new" room, using the things you already own!

Starting at $400 per room, depending on size and scope of the project, to be determined at Initial Consultation 


Home Staging To Sell: Simply put, houses that SHOW well, sell quicker, AND for top dollar!  If you are preparing to put your home on the market, it truly MUST have maximum appeal to prospective buyers. It is greatly beneficial to have your home staged BEFORE it is listed, BEFORE a realtor's tour, BEFORE an open house, and BEFORE any photos are taken for media purposes. First impressions are everything! It is sometimes difficult to look at your own home with objectivity and as a potential buyer would see it. We'll give you tips on clearing out and cleaning up, proper furniture arrangement, and simple techniques to give your home a fresh, spacious, and updated look. We will work with a homeowner using their own things, OR through a realtor.

$150-one hour walk-through with suggestions to the homeowner, $50 additional 1/2 hour OR $400 for three hours of "hands on" staging, sometimes Personal Shopping is suggested


Move-In Design: It is challenging moving from one home to another and making the best possible use of your existing furniture and accessories. We have seen this scenario so many times, and it seems that a homeowner's natural tendency is to have the movers place things just as they were in their former home. We understand this tendency, but very often it just doesn't work.  Let us help you place your furnishings and accessories in your new home in the most pleasing, most comfortable, and most creative way possible.  The moving-in process can be overwhelming and exhausting. The boxes are unpacked and now what? We have helped MANY clients through this process and we can help you too. Soon you will feel relaxed and "at home" in your new space!

Starting at $400 per room, depending on size and scope of a project, to be determined at Initial Consultation




Accessorizing/Styling ONLY:  You have your furniture in place but you are unsure how to finish off the room.  This is a very common issue among our clients, and yet it is this segment of decorating that TRULY gives a room personality. Why not have us out to style and accessorize your space? Whether it's hanging art, creating wall groupings, accessorizing ledges, tabletops, cabinets, bookshelves, cabinet tops, or niches, we do that! 

$125 per hour, Personal Shopping may be suggested




  Window Treatment Installation:  There are so many places to obtain attractive ready made treatments and hardware today.  Let us shop for yours and bring them along to any of the above-described services we offer. Time and time again we see how they add the "final touch" to a newly-decorated room, and at a fraction of the cost of custom-made! In some cases, custom is necessary, and then we work with a quality seamstress.

$65 per window, includes steaming or pressing of fabric (Curtains and shopping time not included.)







*For hands-on work in your home, my trusted and outstanding assistant will accompany me on the job.

*Many of our services are discounted when doing multiple rooms in one day. Please ask!

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