Final Touches is a 2009 - 2016 Angie's List



My love for decorating was awakened at the age of 15 as I assembled paint chips, fabric swatches, and photos of furnishings to complete a high school class project called "create a living space". 

I have been captivated by color and the arrangement of furnishings and accessories in all the rooms I have ever occupied, from my bedroom as a teen to all the many and various rooms in homes I have ever rented or owned over the years. Friends and family began asking for my help with decorating their homes, and with their encouragement, I decided to take a leap of faith.

While busy raising a young family, I began chasing my dreams by starting my business "Final Touches" in 2001.  As my client list began to grow and the types of projects varied, I desired to stretch myself, learn more and perfect my craft. In 2005, I received professional training and certification in Decorating, Redesign and Home Staging, and subsequently was trained and certified as a Color Consultant by JoAnne Lenert -Weary of The Decorating and Staging Academy.                                                                      

The ensuing years of continued and steady experience in the industry have allowed me to attain my dream job.  I am PASSIONATE about beautiful living spaces.  I truly believe that a comfortable and warm living space can improve a person's well being and quality of life.  I have felt honored each and every time a client has invited me in to their home to make changes. I don't think I will ever tire of seeing the joy of a client returning home to a "new" space created exclusively for them!




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