Meet Beth

My love for decorating was awakened at the age of 15 as I assembled paint chips, fabric swatches, and photos of furnishings to complete a high school class project called "create a living space". Fast forward many years, when I relished making every space I have ever lived, my own. Then, I began helping friends and family with decorating their homes at their request. Next up, achieving training and certification in decorating, design, redesign, home styling, and color. Finally, working hands on in client homes doing ALL of the above, in hundreds of homes, since 2001.                                                              

The years of steady experience in the industry have allowed me to attain my dream job. I am PASSIONATE about beautiful living spaces. I truly believe that a comfortable and warm living space can improve a person's well being and quality of life. It's a great honor to help others realize the authentic joy of HOME.